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How to Plan a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you are ready to celebrate your bridal shower. I am here to help you with planning and ideas for your very special day. There are a few things to think about.


The theme will largely depend on location. Whether it is a garden, park, beach or your living room, you will need to have some decorations.

I suggest to keep it simple and classy. For living room decoration, you would need some fresh cut flowers as a centerpiece, bunting banner, photo booth props, backdrop or a nicely decorated wall for a photo shoot with your tribe. When you choose a wall for photo booth, make sure that the light is good. For your bridal shower you could use white lace curtains that remind of a bridal dress. Keep in mind a color you would like to use. Say, you would like your bridal shower to be rose gold. Flowers, backdrop, banner and photo props would be rose gold, beige, white and gold. No red, bright blue, bright green or purple. Keep it in one color scheme.

I got my photo props and this amazing Bride to Be supplies box from Party Flair and now they have great discounts:

The diamond of the evening, the Bride to Be

You need to not only be a center of the party but also look & feel like one. For the bridal shower, I suggest getting a veil and a classy sash, like Miss Universe. I don’t suggest to buy stuff from dollar store, because it looks cheap and breaks. It’s best to get good quality and medium range price. If you are on a budget, you could always get a basic set: White veil and white bride to be sash. Here are a few examples:

Bride to Be Silk Sash and Veil in classy white:

Bachelorette Sash and Veil - Classy Silk Lettering:

I Said Yes! - White Sash and Veil:

The other idea is to get a set with a tiara, veil, sash, photo props and bridal shower tattoos:

Activities for Bride Tribe

To look like a bride tribe you need a bonding element: bridal temporary flesh tattoos. Stick your favorite ones and you are good to go:

On my Bridal shower we started with High-Tea. There is a great place in town with servers dressed up as dolls and gorgeous cups and teapots. After tea, we took a pole dancing class, which was lots of fun. Most of us have never tried Pole Dance before and we had a blast.

Next we went to an intimate seminar. We were given bananas and shown how to work it with our hands. It was fun! And lastly, we went to my place and played some bridal shower games. The most fun and bonding ones were Bachelorette Against Team Bride. The game is about how well you know the Bride to Be.  

Conversation Starters for Bachelorette Parties. This game works best to help conversations flow:

Get your friends Drunk is a fun trivia game with hilarious challenges for the team that didn't know the answer:

Business Mania is a great bonding game that is based on building businesses:

All the games and supplies are high-quality and 100% money back guarantee. Feel safe to order now and you will receive the products in 3-5 days!

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